Thursday, September 13, 2012

Passion for food and cooking

Who likes to cook? Or who wants to eat someone's home cookings?

My father is a a good cook and always get an invites from his friends and relatives from other town to cook for an occasion either fiesta, birthdays or weddings. But he's more famous in Fiesta's or weddings. My mother on the other hand can cook but we prefer my father's food, but being an OFW I guess she has improved a bit, (but still when she comes home and cook my siblings still add salt in it so it'd taste nicer.) My brothers can cook well too, just from their everyday life at home.
My sister on the other hand, just like my mother seems to be avoiding the kitchen. Maybe because someone else is doing it for her, either her husband or one of my brothers.

My cooking skills has improved when I went to work abroad. Some of my friends abroad are real good cook and I am always happy to watching them cook. In Hong Kong I have to cook everyday for my chinese employer who likes to have 3-5 course meal for dinner. Chinese cooking is easy, more of sauteing, stirfries, steaming and soup. Been to different families with very different cultures. And one thing I really enjoyed is learning their way of cooking, their style and technique.
Learning that when you say food it doesn't always involve "rice". Yes, In the Philippines, my home country, when they say food, it'd mean eating rice. So serving them just pasta dishes or vegetable salad for lunch or dinner, you'll get a questioning look from them. (This is it?)

I remember a girl who traveled with her American boyfriend in Hong Kong for a holiday when I asked if they've eaten dinner, she replied that they haven't and He reminded her that they already had Spaghetti bolognese, chicken and pizza from Pizza Hut. It was very funny so I explained to him that eating food without rice is not a complete meal for most of us Filipino. He laughed and scold himself that He will have to remember that.
So when we first leave our country to work overseas, adapting to new food is never easy. I often heard them say that eating noodles, pasta , salads  or anything without rice usually make them feel hungry very fast.

In my next blogs I will be sharing you some of the food I love. Some of them I have cooked for the very first time and some I have learned from the countries I've stayed and lived.

So I hope you enjoy reading my blog.
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